Cryogenic Mechanical Seal

Micron Mechanical seal is a cryogenic seal, single, with a welded non-rotating metal bellows for ultra-low temperatures. Designed to work with O2, Ar, LN2O, LC2H4, CO2 and other industrial liquefied gases, including liquid nitrogen N. Equipped with a special spark shield sleeve for safe operation with liquid oxygen. PPCF (special polymer) friction pairs in combination with Tungsten Carbide.
They are easily replaceable to Cryostar GBS 155 / 4.5 type pumps. Type: Burgmann MFLC GS, FLC12/27.5, MFLC14/27.5, 798250074, 798250071.

Expert in Cryogenic Mechanical Seals for applications in Medical and Industrial Gas, Natural Gas, Hydrogen, and Clean Energy.

Providing High Performance, Low Cost Sealing Solutions

Micron Cryogenic Mechanical seal is for extreme low temperature pump seal, with excellent resistance to ultralow temperature performance, to meet special conditions, such as nitrogen, oxygen.

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