Safety Valve

Our product range includes a wide range of pressure safety valves and safety relief valves.

Protecting people

A company’s most valued asset is secure in the knowledge that their safety has been put first.

Protecting plant

Safeguard plant against major damage from excess pressure and ensure continued efficient production.

Protecting profit

Major shutdowns interfere with production and lose customers. A continuous supply of products protects a company’s image and profits.

Safety valves for steam, gases and liquids
If a fluid system is subjected to pressure in excess of the design pressure, the following could occur:

  • Mechanical damage to equipment and surroundings.
  • Loss of product and production.
  • Damage to the environment.
  • Injury and loss of life.

Examples of circumstances which can result in overpressure on process applications include an inadvertently
closed or opened valve, component malfunction, a failure in a cooling system, an abnormal process heat input,
a power cut or a fire.

Modern organizations are compelled by local health and safety regulations to ensure that their plant and processes
incorporate safety devices and precautions which ensure that dangerous conditions are prevented.

A safety valve is required wherever a hazardous overpressure situation could occur.

Micron safety valves protect against excess pressure across a broad spectrum of industrial processes.

Systems requiring overpressure protection range in size and complexity from large scale chemical plants to
commercial service distribution systems.

Pressure Safety Valves

Pressure Relief Valve / Pressure Safety Valve for Steam, Gases and Liquids. Protecting People, Protecting Plant, Protecting Profit.